hammingway, ernst (deckwane) wrote in meghan7114804,
hammingway, ernst

hello all! i've been looking forever for someone to make an icon for me, and i've looked at your stuff meghan, and damn! you are GOOD.

that being said, i have a request, and although i really would like you to make it, i TOTALLY understand if you can't. and that's NOT just me being faux-understanding.


the icon is using this picture: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y37/pease101/greenwhorehat.jpg

but i'd like it to be an animation, with the first screen being a black one with the words 'L and the green whore hat', in any font -- whatever the maker deems appropriate. then, i'd like it to flick to the pic, and have the line 'for SS.' appear, then the line 'payback, baby. payback.' appear beneath that. feel free to use any fades, funky textures/brushes, fonts... watever you want. artistic license is all yours.

i would be so totally in your debt forever if you could manage it.

thanks a lot!
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