falen_beauty_aa (falen_beauty_aa) wrote in meghan7114804,

hi im new here.
I am co-mod of a community that is starting to really take off.
If somebody can please help me it will be GREATLY appreciated.
if you can take the following picture and in Black writting write
above it: Think your THIS cute
below the pic: Come find out at cuteness___

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When you are writting the top part..Please dont get on their face our anything
but On the bottom make it about a half and inch from the bottom of pic...

Thank yall SOO much!
and I will definetly credit in my user-info,
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ok i will gladly do it but i think the format of the picture is like bimp or somthing of the nature so if you could get in like jpeg or gif that would be nice thanks

do you still want me to make this?